Terrazzo Restoration

This is the most exciting stone floor to restore. Terrazzo flooring is an amazing makeup of concrete and stone that is designed to last 100 plus years. We can help bring this beautiful piece of history back to life. Diamond honing is a wet sanding process that removes a very thin layer of stone. Over time, the stone will wear down from years of use. We repeat the original honing process to recover the shine, remove scratches and etches with our resurfacing process to restore the beauty and elegance of this unique stone again.

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Give us a call for more information and your free estimate if any of these services appear to be what you're wanting to accomplish with your terrazzo. We are reachable. Don't hesitate any longer-call now for quality stone care service!

Historic Restoration

Under numerous carpeted and tiled floors around the nation, terrazzo gems are sometimes found. Many of these floor surfaces were historically hidden until the invention of the restoration methods we use today. These cultural time capsules of art and beauty are now being restored all around the nation. A terrazzo restoration specialist can restore your commercial terrazzo flooring, adding value and character to your historic building or house. Therefore, contact us if you wish to protect and recover your asset.

History of Terrazzo

Professional polishing and cleaning are sometimes required for terrazzo. Erosion and irreversible damage will occur if not properly maintained. Terrazzo is a popular option for freshly built commercial buildings and is also prevalent in older residences erected in the 1930s through the 1970s!

In general, its hues and inlaid random patterns are distinctive. It has a lengthy lifespan and keeps its wonderful appearance. This entertaining flooring option has recently had a popularity boom and can now be found on walls, worktops, furniture, stationery, and other paper products! If we haven't already said it, we adore terrazzo, and if you have this sort of flooring in your house or place of business, you should know that we are the go-to people for terrazzo cleaning.

When it comes to our terrazzo polishing services, we are always glad to create a gleaming wonderland! We do our very best to provide you fantastic outcomes, and we love to see those brilliantly shining terrazzo flooring, tile, and worktops surfaces! We deal with a variety of terrazzo-like materials, including commercial kitchen worktops, bathroom tiles, flooring for living rooms, and more. We remove all the wax from terrazzo floors during restoration in order to show the genuine stone. One of the simplest flooring to maintain, a well repaired terrazzo floor will continue to look stunning for up to 10-20 years.

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