Our History in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area

Our business was founded in 1986 starting humbly with one van. In five years, by '91, we had grown to a sizable operation in the carpet cleaning industry. Afterward, we continued to grow and expand into air-ducts and tile cleaning services; and by the mid-90s, we had also acquired ownership in the most recognized company in the DFW area in our industry, winning many national awards of excellence. Into the early 2000s, we continued to grow and expand into other areas of hard surface floor cleaning, ie., stone, and wood. Then as time worked its way through further into the '00s, we slowly started shifting to areas; like concrete floor polishing, floor cleaning, marble cleaning, as well as grout cleaning. In more recent years until today, we work in areas that have been less seen in the public eye to accommodate more flooring issues that immediately need resolutions.

What Makes us Different

We are the most trusted and remarkable stone floor restoration throughout Dallas and Fort Worth TX, and we continue to re-invent and improve our skills to keep things explorative and up to date with the latest techniques in the floor polishing industry. We ensure that we successfully restore any kind of damage including staining, etching, dullness, scratches, fading, and wear marks. Moreover, resurfacing will remove marble stains, dirt, and oil that is embedded in the pores of the stone surface, also removing any deep scratches to transform your stones into beautifully polished stone surfaces. We will GET THE JOB DONE and keep your home or other properties as majestic as they can be.

We are expert in restoring your floors and deliver superior quality and out right reasonable pricing. We will visit your property and carefully examine the current flooring issue you have. Once we have assessed the floor, we'll give you an accurate quote and timeline of the kind of flooring treatment we'll give you, whether travertine cleaning, marble cleaning, granite cleaning, terrazzo floor cleaning , concrete floor cleaning, or simple hardwood floor cleaning.

Maintaining your Floors

When you enter any property, whether residential or commercial (such as offices, health care facilities, or private properties), one of the first things you notice is the floors, whether scuffed and dirty or polished and spotless. The appearance of such a large surface area makes a lasting impression, therefore we want to help your properties maintain a new, fresh, and healthy appearance through our marble cleaning and marble polishing services available for all customers residing in Southlake, Frisco, Westlake, and Arlington TX.

Whether it's for your building's simple hardwood polishing, concrete floor polishing, travertine polishing, granite polishing, and marble polishing, or your home property's overall marble cleaning project, Colonial Services and Colonial Stone Restoration will always be ready to help you every step of the way. Come read our testimonials to see how much our customers value our floor services. With great communication and detailed reports, you'll get your money's worth. we promise!

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