Marble Shower Cleaning

Colonial Services and Colonial Stone Restoration will give your marble or travertine shower the attention it deserves. Professional diamond cleaning is essential for the beauty and elegance of your stone shower's life. After a while, self-cleaning methods just will not do it. With our commercial grade equipment, specially formulated cleaning powders, diamond abrasive pads, & stone expertise we will remove the dirt, grime, and bacteria from the pores of the stone & grout lines making them sanitary again.

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Marble Shower Polishing

You will love the polished outcome of a freshly cleaned-and-honed marble or travertine shower. Diamond polishing is the last step in your stone showers post restoration process. It is done after diamond honing because this produces the best and most stunning results for mid-to-high level shine. With diamond impregnated pads, specially formulated polishing powders, and a sequence of technical steps we will bring back that opulent beauty and shine of your stone shower again.

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Marble is a robust and water-resistant material that looks great in baths. It is also a luxurious surface, but only if maintained clean. You take a shower each day. Grout and caulk can dry up, and cracks and holes may eventually appear. Every time you shower, water and moisture enter these areas, which promotes the growth of mold and mildew.

Over time, cracks and dirt may form in your marble shower. Contact us immediately for high-end marble shower cleaning services when you notice an issue. We will perform any necessary cleaning so that you can get back to enjoying your shower!

Every homeowner must cope with the challenge of keeping a marble shower clean. Showers in marble are frequently exposed to and hold a lot of moisture, which can harm tiled surfaces and require costly repairs. By cleaning your marble shower correctly, you can maintain its beauty. Call Colonial Services and Colonial Stone Restoration if you don't have the time to clean your marble showers as frequently as you should. Our staff will be pleased to handle this chore, and others like it, so you can concentrate on what you like.

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